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True induction kettle

I'm in the process of searching for a new kettle and began looking into induction. What I have discovered in both the brewing and culinary market is that there is no surprise that induction hasn't ...
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What are best practices for cleaning and passivating stainless steel pot/fermenter?

What are the recommended ways to (a) clean/sanitize stainless steel and (b) if necessarry passivize the stainless steel after the treatment? While there is a question asking about "Cleaning stainless ...
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What stainless steel inox 304 vs inox 316 is acceptable for brewing equipment?

I am setting together fittings and ball valves for my homebrewing equipment and corrosion protection and food safety of material is a key decision point. Yet there is a noticable price difference ...
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Keg corrosion potential of lemon juice adjunct

I have a recipe for a false cider that requires the addition of lemon juice after secondary fermentation prior to bottling/kegging. I've done this before in the bottle with good success but I'm ...
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Cleaning stainless steel

I bought an used stainless steel really large pot (>90 liters) that was used for cooking, but had some kind of water stains inside. On a (stupid) attempt to clean it, I had it sand blasted, which ...
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Risks for health from non food grade stainless steel false bottom

My set up is for electric BIAB (brew in a bag) so I use a false bottom. The problem is that I don't know if the stainless steel I use is food grade or not. Are there any great risks for my health? ...
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May be time for new kettle. Advantages of Stainless Steel?

I've had the same 10G aluminum BK since I started AG brewing, about 4 years and 70 batches. I recently left my copper IC in it for a few months and think I may have corroded the aluminum, so it may ...
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Can I keep mead/wine in stainless steel bottles?

So what do you use for bottling? I'm really starting to look into stainless steel bottles. There are companies that make them (with customized artwork, no less) for conference shwag but you could ...
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Fermenator Question(s)

After 20 years of fermenting in glass carboys, I recently dove in and bought a Blichmann Fermenator. I Scrubbed it according to the docs that came with it, and then gave it my usual BTF soak and air ...
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