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2 answers

Is my old beer mix still good for brewing?

I have a couple old 1 gallon beer brewing kits from the Brooklyn Brew Shop. I never got around to using them, life got in the way. In any event, I still have them, the yeast expired in 2013 (so I'd ...
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How do old homebrews taste like?

I often come across guides on detecting off-flavors. But I never seen a guide on how to how to identify flavor caused by poorly aged beer, though I’ve come across plenty of home brews past it’s prime. ...
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Is it possible to decontaminate wine?

Is it possible to decontaminate my wine after some (not too clean) objects fell into it? I was straining my blackberry/elderberry wine through a straining bag. The brew is about a week old at this ...
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Should I avoid crystallized honey when making mead?

I've been making mead for while and have spotted some spots of crystallized honey occasionally. Today I started another one and realized that I got ~1kg of crystallized honey (16.66....% of total). I ...
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2 answers

Off smell in my mead

I recently started brewing mead and during my first racking I noticed a chemically smell that had a alcohol vinyl smell. I can't figure out if my mead has turned or not. I did another racking today ...
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Malt Extract not properly sealed

I am about to brew one of my first beers (using the malt extract brewing method), however when my ingredients arrived one of the bags was not quite sealed and some extract had leaked out. The loss of ...
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Mr Beer Fermentor Leaking

Found an old Mr Beer kit that had never been used. The malt and yeast that came with the kit had expired, so I bought replacements. I followed the directions in the booklet, and put the fermenter in a ...
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5 votes
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Could I make vinegar from spoiled wine?

I have about 20 litres of wine, that was not stored properly (warm place, some access of air), and is now sour. Can I make from spoiled wine vinegar of the commercial quality? If so, do I need a "...
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3 answers

How long will bottled beer last?

How long will bottled beer last without refrigeration?
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1 answer

What is skunking?

Doing a bit of reading about the effect light can have during fermentation & came across the term 'skunking'. What is skunking? What happens to the beer and how do you know if you've skunked a ...
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Effects of Grain Freshness on Brew House Efficiency

Background: My co-brewer (ScottyG) and I recently brewed our first all-grain in a converted Coleman cooler. We have over sixty batches of extract under our belts and have even made a few hard ciders ...
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Should I worry about CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) skunking my beer?

Particularly when racking from primary to secondary and then again into the keg.
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1 answer

Skunking beer process

How fast does beer skunk, in the bottle or out? I have heard people claim their IPA gets skunky in the glass as they drink it on the sunny patio. I have also left a sixer of beer on a shelf on my ...
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