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Ginger Beer recipe

Reeds Ginger Beer is one of my favorite non-alcoholic fizzy-drinks... just curious if anyone has a recipe for brewing something similar. Also, what's the brewing process like? Similar to beer, or ...
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Fermenting Soda

Years ago I attempted to ferment Mountain Dew (about a decade ago so my recount of the details may be a bit off). My goal was to have a drink with similar carbonation, similar flavor, and reasonable ...
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2 answers

Homebrewing Soda, Safety Concerns

I wanted to try making my own soda this summer, and finally got around to it 10 days ago. Here's the thing. I didn't have/use any specialized equipment. I boiled water with sugar ~15 minutes, and ...
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Soda: Fermentation dynamics and off-flavours

I came here not only to solve my off-flavour issue, but also to learn more about early stage of fermentation. I am making sodas (mostly Ginger Beer) which I am fermenting for carbonation. Everything ...
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