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Kveik yeast instead of US-05?

I found some good SMaSh IPA recipes, mainly using Safale US-05. Unfortunately I live in a small apartment house and the room temperature is approximately 22-23 °C degree (~71-73 °F), so the ...
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Does a beer with one malt and one hop PLUS adjuncts count as a SMASH?

Not sure if this is the right forum for this question.. A SMASH beer is Single Malt And Single Hop, and (from the recipes I've seen) just those - if you mashed with an adjunct like wheat would you ...
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Converting recipe from pellet hops to wet hops

I have several wild hop vines growing near me, and I'd like to try a few SMaSH brews to see what the flavour is like. I have some recipes, but they all use pellet hops. What is a good conversion ...
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Is malt + wheat still a SMaSH?

Say if I add Extra Pale malt, then add some wheat, oats, or something else to add body/weight only to the beer, can it still be called a SMaSH?
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How necessary are specialty malts in an extract brew?

I'm planning on doing some SMaSH beers; mainly so that I can get more used to the characteristics of the various hop varieties; and also maybe keep the cost down a bit while I'm experimenting. Up to ...
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Didn't get the expected O.G

I brewed a nano batch of single grain IPA and I don't know what I have done wrong. Before I started, I calculated the O.G. and F.G. as shown in the picture bellow. After boiling the wort from 5.3 ...
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Does suspended yeast contribute to high SG?

I've got a SMaSH beer (Baird Maris Otter and EKG) finishing in primary. It's been fermenting for just over a week. Starting Gravity was 1.046. I mashed at 154F for 60 minutes. Fermented with WY1335 ...
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Double decoction mash profile for full bodied beer

I'm planning to brew a Single Malt and Single Hop (SMaSH) beer using Canada Malting's Superior Pilsner and Czech saaz hops. I'd like the resulting beer to be full bodied, like Pilsner Urquell, but I'm ...
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