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A packaging type of liquid yeast, comprising a pouch containing both yeast and a small plastic sachet of nutrient. A few days before use, the nutrient is "smacked" (squashed between hands), releasing it into the yeast. The yeast ferment the nutrient, producing CO2, which inflates the main pouch. The puffed up pack is an indicator of yeast viability and readiness for pitching.

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Wyeast Smack Pack did not inflate

I ordered four extracts from NB and received four Wyeast liquid yeast smack packs. There website specifically recommended against purchasing liquid yeast from them during the summer but I did so ...
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Wyeast pack arrived already inflated - keep in the fridge or not?

Like the question says, the pack arrived pre-smacked! I'm making a yeast starter before I brew so that'll tell me whether the yeast is ok, but what I need to know is whether to keep it in the fridge ...
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Always making a starter vs. following package description

I have noticed that the smackpacks say on the package that the package is meant for a 5 gal. batch and that you should pour the pack directly into the wort. On the otherhand - nearly everyone tells ...
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Do I need a yeast starter for a 1.040 gravity wort?

I'm brewing on Sunday (today is Friday), and I neglected to get my yeast (WY1056) until just this afternoon. I could make a starter, but I don't know if it would reach "high krausen" in time for ...
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Starter and smack-packs

Is making a starter a good idea when using a larger activator pack from Wyeast? Should you smack the packet and add it to the starter, or add it after it swells?
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Stuck or Slow Fermentation

So I have my first possible stuck fermentation. First, my recipe: I pitched with two ...
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Smack Pack and Pitching Time

So I completed my first batch of homebrew this morning, but I forgot one potentially (okay, not potentially, definitely) important aspect of the whole process: the yeast. I didn't forget it, per se, ...
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