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Whats the best techniques and acessories for siphoning?

Due to the risk of contamination and oxygenation, siphoning is one of the most delicate moments of homebrewing. What are your favorite techniques and accessories for doing it? I also welcome some nice ...
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Non-kinky siphon hose?

Recently I replaced my cloudy old 1/2" i.d. siphon hose with one that gives a better view of what I'm siphoning. The trouble is, this new hose is far more kink-prone than the old one, to the point ...
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Siphon's tip got into the carboy

I am on the 10th day of fermentation, and tried to get a sample to measure gravity with siphon. However after a few pushes, it stopped working and I noticed that the tip got into the carboy, which I ...
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New siphon advice

I've been using buckets, taps and hoses so far but want to start using carboys so I need a siphon. Since there are several types around, what do you suggest? I've heard that automatic ones are a bit ...
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Is it ok to tip the brewpot while racking?

I brewed my very first batch of extract (Brewer's Best Amber Ale) yesterday morning, and I'm still not seeing any bubbling in the airlock. I'm running through a list of things that could I could have ...
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How bad can this be?

So i got everything in my fermenting vessel last night and i got up this morning to find that the siphon lock was pushed in. I tried to slowly pull it back up through it's opening but the siphon lock'...
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1/2" diameter 5/8" thick clear plastic tube

My tube was flat in some parts of it, is there a way to make it more round so the liquid smoothly flows thru? I think that was the reason I was seeing air bubbles in the tube.
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Glass Carboy with bottom spigot - Can/should it be done?

My friends and I are just getting into homebrewing, and we've been throwing around some ideas to try to simplify things. One of those ideas is to use glass carboys with a bottom spigot in order to ...
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Non-plastic siphon tube

I know that some people say that PVC is fine for racking tubes, but I have someone who is looking for an alternative--HDPE or PP would be acceptable but not preferred. Since PVC is the only type of ...
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What is the recommended procedure for bottling given this setup?

I'm a beginner. This is my second batch (and the first made from my own recipe idea). The equipment I have is the standard starter kit, made up of two large plastic buckets with spigots near the ...
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When is aeration good and/or bad in homebrewing?

I had thought that the point of using a siphon when moving wort/beer is to prevent agitation and aeration and a ruined beer. So we use the siphon when moving cooled wort to the carboy for fermentation,...
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Alternatives to Bottling Wands

Not having kegged, I don't mind what some people call the 'hell' of bottling. However, after bottling a 10% BGSA last night where I used a 2 quart starter (leading to a massive yeast cake) and whole ...
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Transferring wort from brew kettle with ball valve

I am in the process of adding a ball valve to my brew kettle and am designing a diptube to transfer wort to my primary. I've always brewed in 5-gallon batches so picking up the kettle and dumping it ...
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Autosiphon not sealing

While racking beer to kegs today, my autosiphon started leaking air. Bubbles started at the bottom, and went throughout the tube. I assume that this is due to a poor seal between the pump portion ...
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What's the best way to rack beer off of fruit?

I recently brewed a 5.5 gallon batch of witbier. After primary, I bottled 3 gallons of it and racked the other 2.5 gallons into a 3 gallon carboy atop 24 ounces of raspberries. After the secondary ...
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DIY Racking cane / Auto-siphon

I can't seem to find a local supplier that stocks a racking cane or siphon in my area so I'd like to have a go at making my own. I could find an online supplier but most US stores won't ship to AU &...
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Ported carboy vs. siphoning?

I'm considering purchasing a couple of these plastic ported carboys. From reading the description, it seems that I'd be able to rack directly into secondary and/or bottles without the need for ...
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How do you sanitize the outside of your racking cane?

I'd love to hear the creative ways which folks have come up with to sanitize the outside of their racking cane. Sanitizing the inside is straightforward - siphon some sanitizing solution through the ...
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Is there a more durable alternative to a plastic auto-siphon?

Right now I am using the standard fermtech plastic auto siphon, but it already broke and it's a pretty flimsy and poorly designed way to siphon beer (the plastic piece in the tip broke and it can't ...
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Which size auto siphon to empty a 5 or 6.5 gallon carboy?

I got an auto siphon as a gift recently. Unfortunately, it only reaches about half-way down into the carboy. All the brew supply sites and the fermtech site, itself, aren't exactly clear about the ...
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