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4 votes
2 answers

Will accidentally shaking the mead lower the alcohol percentage?

I shook the mead during fermentation and I'm concerned that i may have hurt the yeast, causing it to produce less alcohol. Could this happen, or am i over thinking it?
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4 votes
2 answers

Why Don't we Shake the Carboy

From chemistry I recall that we were supposed to shake almost everything in order to get the elements to react. With wort, however, we simply dump yeast in and wait 4 weeks before bottling. I would ...
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7 votes
7 answers

Should I shake bottles during conditioning?

I've got a batch of beer which was bottled last Saturday and a friend insisted I should shake them to assist in the conditioning. He couldn't offer any particular reason, so I was curious if/when it ...
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Shaking vs not shaking

I'm playing with a yeast starter right now and I've noticed when I shake the mix the yeast gets more active. I'm wondering how this applies to my actual fermentation. So I was thinking I'd let my ...
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