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Confusing article about ester production

I am aware that esters in finished beer are usually caused by high temperatures during fermentation. This fact is not confusing to me and needs no elaboration. What has me confused is this article ...
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Why nitrogen is produced during mash-in?

I naively thought that mash-in was only producting sugars via the alpha and beta amylase, but it seems (from Briggs) that total nitrogen (TN; protein), soluble nitrogen (orprotein) and free amino ...
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Where do I start reading?

So I want to learn to brew beer. I constantly try new beer, and try to dissect all the flavors involved. The next logical step in my love of beer seems to be trying my hand at brewing. I should ...
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Does anyone know what is the science behind maturing?

Once upon a time I did a little science at Uni. I'd now be really curious to understand a bit more behind the amazing difference between a freshly brewed beer and one that's matured on yeast for some ...
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What's A Good Book on the History of Brewing?

I've been brewing for a while now, and would really like a comprehensive book on the history of brewing. Something that covers the development of different styles of beer, and delves into the science ...
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Brewing with very bad old-smelling potatoes?

Very bad potatoes seems to have some sort of acid and other poisonous items formed. A suggestion in Cooking.SO, here, proposes distilling vodka with old potatoes, having a link that overlooks the ...
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Final Gravity on the Refractormeter vs. the Hydrometer

I've been brewing the same recipe now for several batches. It's my house beer. A Kolsch-style beer. While I have followed the same recipe for each attempt, I'm sure there has been some variances in ...
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How Does a Hydrometer Work?

I know how to use my hydrometer, and I know what numbers to look at and write down on my brewing sheets, but I'm not sure what those numbers actually represent, or even what units I should use to ...
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