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Can I use terebinth instead of Sarsaparilla for root beer?

We do not have sassafrass or sarsaparilla here in Turkey. But we do have terebinth. And I believe they are really similar. Have any of you had any experience on this? Usually roots of sarsaparilla ...
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Hard root beer way too foamy

I brewed a hard root beer 2-3 months ago. Right from the start the beers have been way too foamy. I've had to pour each one into a pitcher in order to contain the foam. The basics of the recipe was a ...
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How do you make a tasty, yet healthy, root beer?

I am looking to make a root beer which is both healthy and (to some degree) tasty. I have tried twice to make root beer using this recipe: The ...
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Modifying root beer recipe to alcoholic variant? [duplicate]

I recently obtained a bottle caper, some sassafrass bark chips, and some root beer extract flavoring from a coupling moving out. It also contained a recipe for rootbeer(non-alcoholic), listed below: ...
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Alcoholic RootBeer [duplicate]

My Goal is to make a root beer with a ABV similar to your everyday beer or maybe stronger. (4-10%) I am newer to homebrewing so most of my experience comes from using Kits. My approach was going to be ...
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Butter Flavor in Non-Alcoholic Rootbeer Recipe (Harry Potter Inspired)

Good day, I've done a lot of beer making (primarily pale ales, hefeweizens, and IPAs) for about 5 years, and mead for about 15 years. I would like to request a "go to" non or low alcoholic root beer ...
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Make root beer without a refrigerator

All the recipes for root beer end with, bottle up your root beer in a plastic bottles. Put it away and monitor the bottles when they become hard they are ready, 2-3 days. Put them in your fridge to ...
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How do I clean a 5 gallon root beer keg?

I was given a pair of Virgils kegs with root beer still in them, and I've been wanting to use them for homebrewing. I was at a brewery tour a little while ago and I was told that it's nearly ...
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How would I make Alcoholic Rootbeer?

I picked up some rootbeer extract at my local brewshop, and I've made a few batches in old soda bottles... but is it possible brew it with an alcohol content similar to that of beer?
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Is There A Way To Get Root Beer Taste/Smell Out Of Kegging Equipment?

I've since learned better, but when I first got my kegging setup, I put root beer on one of the lines. After that keg was empty, I decided to put soda water in instead. Unfortunately, the root beer ...
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