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4 answers

How can I prime bottled beer in accordance with the reinheitsgebot?

I so far brew beer using two different beer brewing kits. One required adding honey, the other sugar, for the bottling. First of all - isn't this breaking the reinheitsgebot? As a German I feel ...
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12 votes
5 answers

What is a good definition of beer?

My wife asked me what the definition of beer was, and my best response was my understanding of Reinheitsgebot definition (which may or may not be correct). Beer contains: Malted Barley Hops Water ...
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2 answers

What exactly does all-malt mean?

My understanding is that all-malt simply means no adjuncts (sugar, corn, rice, ect) in your beer. They also say that all-malt beers are prone to DMS. They also say that dark german beers are ...
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