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Opening bottled beer early

I'm a first time homebrewer and I made the schoolboy error of using my old Peroni beer bottles and caps. The caps haven't really taken well (I assume they're a one-time-only seal) and I've ordered new ...
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Re-using Caps in new Batches

I have noticed that after I open many of my beers, my caps still look perfectly intact. I.e not fractures stresses and are relatively clean still. It seems like such a waist to just chuck it. Does ...
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overcarbed bottles recapped and then recapped again?

I brewed a high gravity american double (stout), fermentation went well and I gave it enough time to presumably take care of most of the fermentable sugar. Then I added 2 lbs of pureed strawberries ...
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Can ring crown bottles be recapped?

Can ring crown (pull off) bottless such as these: be recapped using a table top or bench bottle capper? EDIT: Just to be clear, I mean capping the bottle with regular caps like these, not not pull ...
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will i end up with flat beer? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: recapping my bottles? Will it ruin the outcome of my beer? I was wondering if my beer will end up flat no carbonation because i ended up recapping the whole batch. I recapped ...
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Can the plastic caps on PET bottles be re-used?

My brew kit came with 750mL plastic (PET) bottles & screw-on caps, which I've used. The "safety seals" are broken, but I thought they were more an indicator of product tampering than a functional ...
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What are the steps in recapping overcarbonated beer?

What are the steps involved in recapping a bottle of beer for any reason (e.g. if too much priming sugar is added, if a cap appears to be defective or failing, etc)?
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