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1 answer

Why did PBW strip my gold colored faucets?

I soaked my gold colored Perlick beer faucets in Powdered Brewery Wash (PBW) overnight and it stripped the gold coloring off and revealed the stainless steel underneath. PBW is non-reactive to most ...
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How frequently can lead-free brass be cleaned with CIP chemicals (e.g. PBW) before it begins to corrode?

I'm using lead-free brass barb fittings until my budget gives me the thumbs-up on stainless. The only relevant information I could find is this BYO metallurgy article, which says: The reason that ...
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1 answer

PBW batch lifetime

I typically accumulate a lot of commercial bottles because I have a hard time tossing out a non-twist-off beer bottle (it is an obsession and I've promised my wife I'll seek help). I will clean them ...
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Can I Use My Sanitizers(PBW, Starsan) For Personal Hygiene?-CORONAVIRUS RELATED

As the coronavirus keeps spreading, I was wondering if we can use the sanitizers that we use in brewing for personal hygiene? I'm having difficulties finding sanitizers as everything is sold out here. ...
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PBW, or Oxyclean Free, that is the question

Ok so it gone like this : Me : I red on some forums that I could save a lot of money by switching from PBW to Oxyclean Free. Do you want to go to Walmart tonight? Him : You mean the cloth cleaner? ...
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