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Should I dump a batch with rubber smell?

I have in bottles a batch smelling like chemicals or rubber. I'm thinking keep it a while, and check if the smell fade out. Is this possible? Or I'm just wasting my time with this batch? As side ...
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Splitting Batches / Dilution

My current setup is an 8-gallon aluminum kettle with a weldless valve and Blichmann Brewmometer (which, even when 'shielded' from flame, does not work, not happy with that investment). This serves as ...
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How do I calculate mash efficiency with BeerSmith2 when doing a partigyle?

I designed a barleywine in BeerSmith2, made it, plus I made another beer afterwords from the same grain. My mash efficiency on the first runnings turned out to be 75% (I put the grain bill and pre-...
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Will Adding an Active Mash to a Non-Active Mash Get Enzyme Activity Started Again?

Background: A friend of mine does ten gallon batches of big beers, so has a lot of grain. After mashing, his technique is to fly sparge with 170 degree water. I understand this shuts-down enzymatic ...
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When adding grain to mash tun for second runnings, how long should I let the new grain mash?

This probably illustrates my lack of knowledge about mashing in general, but I'm going to brew a barleywine with first runnings, and a stout with the second runnings. I'm going to be adding 1 pound ...
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How soon after mashing do I need to start my boil?

I'd like to get 2 full boils from 1 mash. Can I keep the 2nd runnings overnight for boiling the following day? If so, what is the best way to store it. In general, how long can wort be kept after ...
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