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What could cause an earthy flavour in beer?

I've just tried the first bottle from a batch of APA I brewed and it has a very distinct (and unpleasant) earthy / peaty flavour. Reminiscent of healthy soil. The beer also finishes with a very ...
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Beer calculators and batch/boil size with late fermentable additions

It seems to me that the calculator that I have been using for my recipes (Beer Calculus) allows me to change my batch size, but does not let me adjust WHEN I add my fermentables, as to allow for ...
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Boil options with a small pot

I'm about to make my first brew (from an extract kit), it's a 25litre batch (6.5us gal). Following John Palmer's advice I will be doing a partial boil. But the biggest pot I have available is 6litres (...
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Formula for make up water / gravity change

If I were to put 3.5 gallons of 1.060 wort into a carboy, and use 0.5 gallons of water to top off to 4 gallons: - What could I project that gravity would be? - Anyone have a good formula, even if just ...
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Confused about what partial boil means

I'm relatively new to homebrewing. I've just done my 5th batch a few days ago. I came across the term partial boil when watching a homebrew video on kettles. I'm not quite sure if what I do is ...
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Pilsner extract kit: why is the original gravity low?

I've just put the extract version of this in the fermenter: The gravity is 1.037 which seems way low. Dammit I don't want no weak ...
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Calculating boil volume in partial boil?

I'm an all-grain brewer but I haven't done an extract batch in years (or an all-grain one in over a year) and want to do an extract IPA this week. Looking at the various software and calculators, they ...
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Modifying Recipes for Boil Volume

I am modifying an extract recipe for a full volume boil. I understand how to use a brew calculator to calculate modified hop additions, but since my LHBS store sells hops in 1 oz bags, I'd rather not ...
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Is an 8 litre boil too small for a 23 litre extract kit?

I have 2 10 litre cookpots; one of which I've been using for brewing. I've been working with an 8 litre boil and a 12.5 litre batch size. I want to purchase a 23 litre extract kit. The kit includes 2 ...
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Brew in a bag partial boil

I was flipping through BrewDog's recently released catalog of their recipes and there are a couple I'd like to have a go at. I was originally going to ask how to convert some of the recipes to ...
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Boil Time for Partial Mash with a Hopped Extract

I'm doing a partial mash, but using a pre-hopped-extract. I'm adding flavour and aroma hop additions in the 15 to 1 minute range, but no bittering hops. How long does my boil time need to be? ...
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Mash Water to Grain Ratio (Partial Mash)

I’ve made a few recipes with different ratios of Water to Grain for mashing in partial mash recipes. Some seem to have too little water such that the grain bag is hardly submerged. Others are higher. ...
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OG higher w/ full vs. partial boil?

I've done 2 full boils and probably 10 partial boils since I've started homebrewing. In both full boils, my OG has been significantly higher. Most recently, by .02 (expected 1.062 measured 1.082). ...
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Can I still reach my desired IBU level if I split my boil?

In my recipe I have a boil size of 10L. Can this be split into 2 x 5L pots whereby half the ingredients would be used in each, but still reach the desired IBUs of a single 10L boil? Fingers crossed, ...
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IBU calculation for blended worts / braggott

community! I recently found that my calculations of IBUs are not always accurate... Especially when I was making a Braggot. Maybe someone can help me out with the formula or something? I made a 5 ...
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