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Storage of picked grapes

I've picked my grapes, but I don't have any yeast yet. How long can I leave them before crushing them and starting the fermentation for white wine.
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Which probiotics can exist in beer and at what abv's?

Just curious which specific strains can exist in beer, and if so, what are the various alcoholic thresholds for each?
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How does open fermentation yield alcoholic beer?

I don't understand how open fermentation retains any alcohol.
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how long can I stay in an open primary fermentation?

I would like to go from the primary fermentation to the bottles with an open fermentation. Can I top off with water to get the full 5 gallons? Also would you primary an open fermentation for more ...
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What is the scientific explanation behind open fermentation leading to increased esters and yeast flavor & aroma?

As a recent experiment, I wanted to try something that was unconventional for most homebrewers, and is widely considered to be clown-crap crazy. I wanted to ferment a beer topless, without a lid. I ...
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Possible to intensify/increase the amount of yeast flavor?

I will soon be making a hefe and will be using wyeast's 3068. In recent hefes I have made, I have always desired much more intensity in the flavors provided by the yeast strain. The only method i am ...
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What does sour mash do for a sour beer?

I've only recently been introduced to the glory of sour beers, and I love them. As a club, we're going to be brewing a sour beer to be aged in oak for years to come, so I was curious to see some ...
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Will a carboy's narrow opening hinder or prevent successful wild fermentation?

I'm considering trying to brew a simple lambic, which requires some open-air time for wild fermentation and souring of the wort prior to pitching yeast. I'm wondering if I could use a carboy as the ...
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Open Fermentation Process

Can open fermentation be done simply by putting the fermenting beer in a bucket carboy and covering it with foil? The purpose of the foil would be to just keep airborne contaminants from falling into ...
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Open-Fermented or Native Yeast Beers

I've always been very careful about control and sanitation with beer. But with my wine I do some native yeast Pinots, and some friends of mine are into the same with beers- they like funky, ...
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