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Different appearence of liqueur after aging

Last year I have made walnuts liqueur, or nocino in Italian. From the single batch I have obtained 2 liters of liqueur, which I have bottled in dark beer bottles and left to age in the same, dark ...
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Adding pecan flavor to brown ale

I have a extract-based brown ale that needs about another 1-2 weeks in primary before I bottle it. I'd like to add some pecan flavor. Based on other things i've read (including Hazelnut Brown Ale - ...
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How do I brew with nuts? Specifically hazelnuts.

I want to make a beer with some hazelnut flavor to it. Maybe add some cocoa nibs or powder to the wort and make a Nutella-ish beer. My question itself is specific to hazelnuts, but maybe you could ...
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Using nuts for beer aroma

I'm planning to brew an scottish heavy ale, and I wanted to give it a little different aroma using hazelnuts (other stuff too, but I want hazelnuts to be the main aroma). How do you suggest i use them?...
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