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Mead is a fermented beverage that uses honey as the primary source of fermentable sugars.

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Distilled honey spirit needs an official name

I am relatively new to the world of personal home brewing. I have always gravitated towards mead and my next venture ought to be distilling some. I've read through lots of articles and threads on the ...
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Sour/musty tasting mead

My son and I tried our hand at mead for the first time... I didn't notice a lot of bubbling I thought that it wasn't fermenting correctly but my son thought differently, he's 17. Lol But when we went ...
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ABV question in 5 gallon melomel batch

I started a melomel batch two weeks ago. Below are a list of batch details: 5 gallon batch frozen blueberries (roughly 4-5lbs per gallon) 18.5 lbs of honey (raw, unpasteurized honey from my fathers ...
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