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1 answer

Own malted barley use

I malted my own barley for experiment. But I've not used them yet. I mean bought castle malt and munton's Irish Stout LME but haven't used them too yet. First, I want to brew my own malted barley, if ...
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Is air at the top of a demijohn harmful?

Sometimes I make a large batch of wine and fill maybe two or three demijohns, sometimes four. I don't know how many demijohns I can fill until I've filled them. That means, sometimes I end up with an ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Adding water and sugar to secondary fermentation

My first fermentation bucket's volume is 19 litre and my bottling bucket's is 23 litre. Can I add 3-4 litre of sugar and water to it for secondary fermentation? Will it affect the taste in a bad way? ...
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Longer boil time for high gravity?

I'm getting ready to brew an all grain 9.5% double IPA. I normally almost always boil for 60 minutes, but some research has indicated that for bigger beers like this, more water from the mash to start ...
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How much grain will fit in a 16 liter kettle?

I'm considering to buy a 16 liter kettle to hold the grain inside my 32 liter kettle, but don't seem to find any reliable calculations on how much grain the 16 liter kettle will fit while mashing. ...
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Permanent marking of volume in aluminium pot

This technique, shows how is easy to do permanent markings in stainless steel pot. But what about aluminium ? Does anyone know if it is possible (and safe) to use ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How much of given boil volume should be used for mash and sparge?

I'm just about to try my first all grain brew this weekend... Slightly nervous :) I'm going to make the Black Sheep Ale recipe available from the hop and grain database... Being in Yorkshire it seems ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Misjudging Volumes in All-Grain

So I brewed my second all-grain batch today, and, like with my first all-grain batch, I misjudged the final volume and ended up with slightly under 4 gallons in my carboy. Does anyone have any good ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Calculating Mash Water Volume When Brewing with Pumpkin

Okay, so pumpkins are not in season and I'm substituting winter squash (acorn/butternut) for my pumpkin ale recipe, but the concept remains the same as if it were pumpkin. I've never brewed with ...
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