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Champagne/Cider Remuage: Why not just place the bottle upside down (90 degrees)?

I'm making hard sparkling apple cider using the Champagne method (re-fermenting on the bottle for carbonation). This year I will try the full method of also removing the yeast lees from the bottle ...
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Does Dark Cherry Wine from Pure Juice always produce this much lees and how do you handle it?

So for fun I decided to try making wine from Dark Cherry Juice (Knudsen Pure Pressed Dark Cherry). I was surpised to fine the native SG of the juice was 1080. I was almost tempted to just ferment it ...
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I accidentally stirred all the lees into my wine during first racking. Now (1 day later) secondary has lots (+1cm) of sediment. Should I rack again?

Making some kiwi wine (exciting!). When transferring from primary to secondary getting the fruit pulp was a bit of a mess and I inevitably stirred all the lees into the wine. Now, after only 1 day in ...
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Carboy-sized Magnetic Stirring

I want to re-suspend yeast and generally keep a brew uniformly mixed in a carboy without having to open it and expose it to oxygen every time. Is there a hobbist-priced magnetic stirrer that works ...
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How to know *when* to rack off gross lees?

I'm learning there are "gross" lees or the first big batch of sediment and then there are "fine" lees or the subsequent smaller amounts of sediment. "Gross" lees can contribute to "gross" flavors, ...
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How long can something be left on the lees before needing to add more yeast if intending to bottle condition?

I have a mead that I plan on bottle conditioning. With beer, due to the short turn-around time, you can usually just rack onto some priming sugar and bottle, and the remaining yeast will eat the sugar....
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After adding sparkolloid to homemade wine in a carboy, how do I remove the liquid without stirring up the lees?

I just created my first 5 gallon batch of white wine, and it turned out pretty good. However about a month ago I reracked it with sparkolloid powder allowing the lees to settle at the bottom, but have ...
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Trub versus Lees

What is the difference between Trub and Lees? I've only heard about lees in regards to wine, i.e. the leftovers in the bottle. Note, Wikipedia says Lees is not only leftover grape bits, but also dead ...
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