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A 15 gallon batch with two 10 gallon mash tuns

I need to split a 15 gallon batch of beer three ways. The brew is going to be an Imperial Stout, and the 5 gallon recipe calls for 20lbs of grain (60lbs for 15 gallons). Between the three brewers we ...
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Brew stand recommendations

My buddy and I are looking to upgrade to a 20 gallon brew stand, and I'm looking for recommendations between buying a full setup, which brand, or making one ourselves.
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Which cooker do you suggest for heating 150l (40 gallons) batch?

I would like to brew bigger batches, however heating up more beer requires more energy. I would like to use gas or propan-butan. I have found something like this:
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Recommendations for scaling up operations

Right now I brew once month. This gets me to 60-72 gallons of delicious wine or beer per year. But the limit for home brewers in the US is 200 gallons per year per household. To reach that with 5 ...
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Fermenting 1/2bbl and 1bbl batches

As I start planning my pico brewery, I've been thinking about fermenters. I'd love some thoughts on ways to ferment 1/2 and 1bbl (15.5 - 31 gallon) batches. Options for when price is and is not a ...
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