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Questions tagged [lambics]

A beer of Belgian origin which is traditionally fermented via exposure to wild strains of yeast.

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2 answers

What contamination do I have and is it salvagable?

This is my first time posting to this forum, so if I make some edict mistakes I apologize in advance. I have brewed this recipe,
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Brewing using Lambic yeast: can't reuse the vessel for something else?

One of my friends told me that if you brew a lambic with lambic yeast (e.g. the WLP one) you shouldn't be re-using that carboy for anything else. I thought the whole purpose of cleaning was no yeast ...
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Why are lambic and other sours/wilds bottled in green bottles?

I'm familiar with the science behind light contamination, skunking, and why most beers are bottled in brown bottles. What I'm curious is why some breweries are choosing to bottle their sours in green ...
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3 answers

Lambic blend affecting beer in fridge?

I have a Wyeast smack pack of Lambic blend in my fridge that I bought a month ago before I understood the complexity of brewing a Lambic. I had it next to some beers that I have really enjoyed ...
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Lambic fermentation/aging temperature

I am anxious to start a batch of lambic, but have some reservations timing wise about the temperature in my basement currently. My basement goes from around 45 in winter (now) to 60-65 at the end of ...
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Aging lambic beer

I'm a beginner when it comes to brewing but have two batches of lambic beer coming up. My question is if they have to be aged in a glass carboy or if they can be poured straight into a bottle along ...
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Is this white thing correct in kriek lambic?

I'm making my first lambic beer, a kriek lambic with a one month old, last week I dropped 1lb cherries. Today, I noticed this white thing in top: Should I concern about this? Or just let it go...
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Brewing with brettanomyces bruxellensis

I got a good deal with some White Labs yeasts, including one Brettanomyces bruxellensis (WLP650), and I really don't know how to brew with it. Should I use it only for secondary or could I made a ...
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5 votes
1 answer

How long should I keep a lambic at fermentation temperature?

Normally I ferment beer in my basement, which varies in temperature from 50-70 degrees, depending on the season. These temperature swings can be bad for fermentation, especially in winter. So when I ...
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Are my aged hops ready?

I've got about 3oz of cascade hops that spent 2 years in the freezer before I decided around January 2011 to take them out, put them in a paper bag, and let them sit at room temperature to age so I ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Belgian Fruit Beer Expectations

I am about to try a Kreik beer. This is a step beyond a Lamic, and I am having trouble locating actual sour Morello cherries. Will any variety of a sour cherry get roughly equivalent results?
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10 votes
4 answers

Will a carboy's narrow opening hinder or prevent successful wild fermentation?

I'm considering trying to brew a simple lambic, which requires some open-air time for wild fermentation and souring of the wort prior to pitching yeast. I'm wondering if I could use a carboy as the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

How long for a pellicle to drop when brewing lambic?

I made a saison earlier this summer. After primary fermentation was complete I took 3 gallons of it and added Wyeast Roeselare Blend. Two months later I added cherries and pecan chips. It formed a ...
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Can somebody give me a good recipe that they've tried for a sour beer? [closed]

I'm looking to make a sour beer for the first time. I'm open to any sort of all grain recipe, fruity, malty, whatever. All I request is that you've already made it, and really like it. I'm also ...
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