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4 answers

Bottle labeler suggestions

my dad and uncle are homebrewers and they desperately need a labeler. They've talked about getting one before but have more important things to get first in order to perfect their beer. So for ...
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2 answers

Oxyclean safe inside the bottle

I just bought some oxyclean to remove labels from a lot of bottles. What I do to remove the labels is: put the bottles standing in the bucket, fill each bottle with water, and then fill the bucket ...
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3 answers

Can I Use Printer Paper for Labels

I plan to do enough brewing this summer to have more than one brew available for drinking. Therefore, I want to label my bottles. I know about using milk for attaching labels, but I was wondering if ...
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Bottle Marking Pen?

I recently had the idea that, instead of taping my bottles, and marking with a sharpie, it would be very handy to use something like a 'grease pencil' to mark up the bottle with the relevant info. ...
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11 votes
6 answers

Any way to remove painted on labels?

Is there any way to remove the labels that appear to be painted on to bottles? Specific example would be the Rogue 22oz. bottles? I would like to remove these labels to get a clean bottle to put ...
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Profesionally Printed Labels?

A friend has offered to design labels for a few of my favourite beers. I just got the first one, and I love it. The only problem is some of the design elements don't show up very well when printed on ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Permanent Bottle Labels

I'm considering making permanent labels for my bottles. I've had a friend create a label design with a blank banner in the center. My idea is to have the design printed on vinyl stickers and then ...
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5 votes
2 answers

What kind of paper should I use for bottle labels?

Do I need to use heavier paper (ie, 30 lb) for labels? Would regular printer paper work just as well?
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47 votes
30 answers

How do you label your bottles?

How do you mark, label, or otherwise identify the contents of your bottles? I'm currently using masking tape and a marker, but I'm curious what most other people use.
42 votes
22 answers

Are there any tricks for removing labels from bottles?

Some labels can be a pain to remove. I've tried soaking bottles in water with a little bit of dish soap but it doesn't really do much to break down the adhesive. What methods do you have for easily ...
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How do I print professional-looking labels?

I'm brewing some beer for a wedding present. Going to bottle half the batch and serve the other half at a party. I have a full-color PDF with a label design, and would like the nicest-looking labels ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Which inkjet-printable labels perform well?

I've never bothered to label my beer before, but I think I want to start. Have you ever used inkjet-printable labels on your brew before? How did they perform? Are there any brands of labels that ...
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What are the easiest and hardest commercial beer bottles to re-use for homebrew? [closed]

One of the great perks of homebrewing is the ability to reuse, rather than just recycle the bottles that come into your house. You just soak off the labels and re-use! All bottles are not created ...