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Bottle a beer that was stuck at fermentation?

6 Months ago I attempted a KBS Clone. Beer uses chocolate, coffee, bourbon soaked oak. I got 1.090 OG and got stuck at 1.032, but it tastes really good (Can chocolate make it appear higher?) It's ...
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Viscosity of a Russian Imperial Stout

How can I increase the viscosity of a Russian imperial stout? I've heard of making boils longer Use oats, What do you recommend? Thank you so much! Regards, Erik Dobrychtop. Cya o/
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Wyeast yeast replacements: US-05?

it's my first question here. I've downloaded Brewdog recipe book, and they use yeasts like Wyeast 1056 - American Ale, Wyeast 1272 - American Ale II and WLP099 Super High Gravity Ale for Imperial ...
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Yeast Question For Imperial Stout Kit With LME

I just ordered the How To Disappear Completely Imperial Stout kit from Boomchugalug on Amazon. I am excited so start this one up. It takes a long time but the idea of making my own imperial stout is ...
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Imperial Stout with not enough yeast

I'm working on brewing an Imperial Stout and using a liquid yeast (WLP-007). Beer Smith is telling me that I need about 300bn yeast cells. However, it says I might get 180bn. I'm usually not a ...
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Any suggestions for getting a thick (almost chewy) body and mouthfeel when brewing a Milk Stout?

I am obsessed with the thick body, sweet style stouts (Milk Stouts, Russian Imperial Stouts Bourbon Barrel Stouts, etc.), think Dragon's Milk, Old Rasputin, Lakewood's Temptress. While I have ...
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Reducing Bitterness level in Imperial Stout

I am about to brew an imperial stout, and I was wondering, about bitterness level in it. I want to create a smooth sweetish imperial stout (maybe somewhat on the same level with a milk stout), but ...
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Adding cherries to an imperial stout

I'm looking at this imperial stout recipe, and planning on adding cherries (perhaps bourbon-soaked) to the secondary. I'm pretty new to extract brewing, and have only done one batch previously (only ...
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Is this a reasonable use of special B in an imperial stout recipe?

I've just worked up this (extract, specialty grains) recipe from glancing at clone recipes for old Rasputin imperial stout and black butte porter--they both have a smooth, chocolaty thing I'm going ...
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Adding sugar to an imperial stout

I did not fly sparge properly, undershooting the preboil gravity by quite a bit, and ended up using more sparge water to extact sugars. I then reduced away most of the additional water, and ended up ...
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Estery fruit flavors in my vanilla bourbon imperial porter

I'm still pretty new to home brewing, so I'm sure I made about a hundred mistakes with this beer. I brewed a 1.079 OG imperial porter, and used Safale 05 (only one pack, unfortunately). First of all, ...
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Overly Active Fermentation

I've got an Imperial IPA that I'm worried has something wrong. OG 1.080, 5gal batch, 6.5gal fermentation bucket, Used a healthy starter, Room temp 70f Primary kicked up within five hours or so and ...
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How many of you have brewed a 'Triple IPA' and how do you define it?

I am doing one for a competition -I hopped it like a double or Imperial IPA in the boil, but I am hopping it with three dry hop additions added in separate increments.
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What does 'Imperial' mean with regards to beer style?

I've seen the adjective "Imperial" tacked on at the beginning of a number of beer styles recently: Imperial Stout, Imperial Brown Ale, Imperial Red Ale, etc. What does it mean exactly, is it just ...
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