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A device used to the measure the specific gravity of a liquid.

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Hydrometer reading interference

When brewing an IPA about a week ago, my starting gravity reading came out to be 1.12 - significantly higher than the listed target of 1.07 on the recipe. I had suspicions of error at the time which I ...
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Alternatives to a hydrometer?

I can't seem to keep a hydrometer for more than a few brewing sessions. They either break from dropping them, going from hot to cold, or I've had the wax holding all of the lead pellets to the bottom ...
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Sterilisation processes when taking hydrometer readings

When taking hydrometer readings, is it acceptable to return liquid to the fermenting vessel after taking a reading in a vial? Must the vial/measuring cylinder and hydrometer have been sterilised to ...
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How to tell if a cider is finished without hydrometer

EDITED I have a cider that I have made following the steps on CraigTube for his Hard Apple Cider. The only difference is that I have used Champagne yeast and the batch is 22L. I know you are all ...
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Can I retroactively deterimine my OG with a refractometer?

Brewed a big Belgian beer last week. And using my refractometer (poorly, as it turns out), I wasn't able to get a solid reading of the OG. Now a week later I've taken a sample of the beer and want to ...
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