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Hopback filter mesh size (microns)

I am building a Hopback (sort of DIY). Found this on the interwebz: Wondering if 40 micron (approx. 350 mesh) which comes with this filter is not too fine of a filter for a hopback? Or should I use ...
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HopRocket (hopback) questions: "captive" wort and effect at beginning vs. end of run

Brewed a double IPA last Sunday and used a HopRocket as a hopback for the first time (standard setup: kettle -> HopRocket -> counterflow chiller -> fermenter using gravity feed.) Overall very pleased ...
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hop back and hot side aeration

I was thinking of putting a hop back in line with my whirlpool chilling process. (Pumping hot wort out of the kettle through a hop back and back into the kettle with an immersion chiller running in ...
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Has anyone had experience with first wort hopping? Did you find the results worthwhile?

Has anyone seen a marked improvement in hop flavor/quality from first wort hopping (adding hops at sparge) vs. late hopping vs. dry hopping vs. a hopback? Are there specific advantages to doing so? ...
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Ever used a hopback?

I'm curious to hear stories about using a hopback. There are a few incarnations out there and a few reasonable DIY hopbacks. I'm wondering if it's worth the trouble. And, if so, does anyone have ...
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