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Adding gypsum after fermentation

I have found resources that both advocate and highly advise against this practice. We recently brewed a IIPA (Bear Flavored's Heady Topper clone) that has 3lbs of hops, plus hop extract in 14 gallons....
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Softening Hard Water

I have city water at my house which our Regional Water Authority states has a Hardness of 112.10 mg/l. I would like to get this down by 62 points, but not sure what the best way to do this without ...
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When to add salts to RO brewing water [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I put minerals back into distilled or reverse osmosis water? This weekend I'll be brewing a recipe from Mitch Steele's 'IPA' book. The recipe has a very exact water ...
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Salty Starter. From Gypsum?

I'm using gypsum for the first time in an IPA I will be brewing in a few days. Today I was making the starter and thought: Since it's a hopped starter, why not add a pinch of gypsum? In the end I ...
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IPA Water Treatment

I am about to brew a clone recipe of Dogfish Head's 60 minute IPA and I was wondering if I should do some water treatment on it. I've heard of people adding gypsum to their water to achieve a dryer ...
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What does gypsum do?

I'm brewing from an Austin Homebrew extract kit, and it came with some gypsum. I thought gypsum was only for modifying water chemistry, but there seems to be some other schools of thought around. So:...
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