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Is aerobic fermentation in beer brewing a myth?

The more I read about yeast and fermentation, the more conflicting, confusing (and possibly incorrect) statements I come across. I have read in several bits of literature that yeast requires oxygen ...
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What's the ratio of square feet of planted barley -- pounds of grains

If I were to grow barley, is there a known ratio for pounds of malted grain per square feet of planted crop? Edit: Someone from twitter posted this:
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What is the ideal climate for growing hops?

I would like to start growing my own hops and want to know what the ideal climate is. I've read that hops will grow in most areas of North America, but there must be places where they grow better ...
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How would one go about growing their own hops?

Ignoring the downsides (Hops: buy vs. grow), how would one grow hops in their backyard? I know that it grows 30 feet tall and that you cut it to the ground in the winter, but how do you get started ...
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What types of hops can be grown in the southeast?

Given the soil and climate of the southeast, specifically Florida, what hops would do I stand to get good results from growing?
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Hop Gardening Considerations

I have heard that planting hops at home you should plant the rhizome in a mound of sorts. How large around should the mound be? What type of soil amendments are best? How tall should the trelis be ...
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When should you buy and plant hop rhizomes?

I want to grow a couple of hop bines this year. Most of the online brew supply places say they ship in late March / early April. I have a feeling I'll still have snow on the ground around that time. ...
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Harvesting commercial yeast

Which commercial beers (local and/or national) are bottle conditioned and still have viable yeast? Also, what do commercial brewers do that renders the yeast unusable (pasteurization, filtering, ...
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How to grow yeast?

I have read that it is possible to grow your own yeast, but I have not been able to find exact instructions. I would like to grow my own yeast so that I don't have to spend money on those small ...
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