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Questions tagged [gluten-free]

In the context of brewing, gluten free refers to the use of ingredients that do not contain gluten from the onset. This includes ingredients such as sorghum, honey, millet, buckwheat, etc. It would exclude beer that use barley, wheat and rye (for example). Note: if gluten reducing enzymes, such as the commercially available product 'Clarityferm' are used on the gluten containing ingredients, that is commonly known as "gluten reduced" beer.

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What caused my wort to be this cloudy, and how can I get it to clear?

I recently did two experimental all-grain gluten-free batches, and got some strange results; so much sediment that it looks like milk! Initially, looked about the same, and I thought about running ...
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Clarity Ferm question

I've just started brewing at home with Clarity Ferm - in our first attempt we added much more than intended (over half the tube to a 1 gallon brew). Has anyone else done this - do you know if it would ...
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Gluten-free brewing books?

Are there any comprehensive gluten-free brewing books? It's one thing to hack together knowledge from the many great traditional brewing books out there, but a coherent volume specifically for "beers" ...
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Gluten Free Brewing with Sorghum Extract

I am working on a Gluten Free clone of Sam Summer for my wife, I took a kit from a home brew store that was close and added some lemon and lime zest, and some grains of paradise. The kit uses sorghum ...
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Gluten Free Summer Ale

My wife recently found out she has a gluten sensitivity, so sadly a number of things she loved are now off-limits. As summer is upon us here in Boston, she today realized that Sam Adams Summer Ale is ...
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Trying a gluten free kit; must I buy new equipment to be safe?

I just ordered a gluten free kit to brew for a friend of mine who has celiac disease. I have a glass carboy, but another home brewer recommended I start with completely new equipment. Is that ...
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How much malto dextrin is too much? Increasing body of gluten-free homebrew

Collaborating with some in my homebrew club on a recipe for our first gluten-free homebrew. We are currently planning to primarily use sorghum extract, as well as rice extract. We are currently at ...
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Glutten for punishment? How can I make a Gluten-free beer?

A few friends of mine have Celiac Disease. They've all told me that the commercial gluten free beers they've tried have been terrible. Can I brew something at home that's tasty and something they can ...
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