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Where to buy 2 Gallon or 4 Gallon carboy?

I am looking specifically for 2 gallon or 4 gallon carboys. I have looked on eBay, Amazon, Homebrewing, and many more, but I cannot find a 2 gallon or a 4 gallon glass carboy. There might be some ...
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How to remove Corona bottle printing (screen printed label)

I'm planning to use recycled Corona bottles to pack some juice I'm producing, but to put my own logo on these bottles, I want to remove the original printed brand. In my city, and even in my whole ...
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Bubbles within glass

Hello. I have been brewing for a few months and your advice has been extremely valuable. Thanks. I have a question about glass bottles such as this one in the photo. I bleach them between use and ...
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Storing beer in a 25L plastic container instead of bottles

I've been asked to brew for some mates that are heading to a sustainable, no glass, festival and need some advice. The only option I could find that was easy to transport and NOT glass was a 25L water ...
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I just had my Big Mouth Bubbler carboy shatter, now I'm terrified

I've been using these big mouth bubbler's as my secondary fermentation now for a few months: I was originally using them as primary as well, but being one that makes pretty high gravity beers, I was ...
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How much heat can a demijohn take?

I'm planning to serve some homemade cider, hot and mulled at a market stall in the coming weeks. I'll be siphoning out of a 23L demijohn (like this:
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Can't get my glass carboys completely clean

I've been relatively active on, have read the cleaning chapter of How to Brew half a dozen times, and watched the instructional video that came with my kit on how to clean carboys. I ...
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off flavors and sanitizing/scratched plastic

I've read through the various posts here and the common wisdom is that off flavors are because of poor sanitizing or using scratched plastic carboys/buckets. I'd like to read from some of the "master ...
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Is there anyway to tell if a glass bottle of beer is carbonated without opening it?

It would be great if I didn't have to ruin a bottle of beer by opening it to test to see if it carbonated. Is there any way to tell?
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Glass Milk bottles?

Just about to start up my next batch and noticed I hac a couple glass milk bottles from Whole Foods lying around. In what ways could they be put to-use in homebrewing? Fermenting a test? Mead? Cider? ...
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