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The old-fashioned fizzy ginger-flavoured drink, carbonated with yeast; this comes in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions.

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3 answers

Ginger Beer recipe

Reeds Ginger Beer is one of my favorite non-alcoholic fizzy-drinks... just curious if anyone has a recipe for brewing something similar. Also, what's the brewing process like? Similar to beer, or ...
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How to increase quantity of Ginger Beer Plant

I'm looking to increase my quantity of GBP to share with a friend. I've brewed a few batches of ginger beer, but I always end up with the same amount or slightly less GBP than I started with. What ...
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Ginger beer that lasts

I want to make a batch of alcoholic ginger beer. However, I know from past experience that one problem with ginger beer is that the bulk of the fermentation happens in the bottles, and I can't drink ...
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3 votes
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Ginger Bug Expansion

I've made ginger bug before and it makes really good sodas, etc, but how do you expand the bug? I've look all over online and they show how to start and maintain a bug but not how to expand it. I'm ...
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