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Regulator not fitting CO2 tank

I recently started gathering equipment for home water carbonation and collected my CO2 tank today to find the regulator I purchased does not fit it. I am based in Ireland, here is the regulator I ...
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Dry hopping and massive gas release

I've been making an American IPA from young's which was sat at 1.010 SG for a couple of days. This is the point at which the instructions suggest I add the hop pellets. A minute or so after adding ...
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Gas in first ferment

I'm brand new to home brewing and have bought a starter kit and a box of Norfolk Wherry. We are 1 day into our 6 day first ferment, and this morning my fermenting tub was whistling because there was ...
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Could you use a home soda maker to add gas to beer?

I have been making my own beer now for a while. I have been struggeling with beer that goes flat after a while. I'm searching for a gas solution and was wondering if those old soda machines we used as ...
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Beergas or just c02

I've recently come across there being beergas or G-Mix and co2. I had originally thought that it was just co2 and not a mixture of co2 and nitrogen. What are the issues with just using co2?
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How to choose a fridge to convert to a kegerator

I'm going to be building a kegerator pretty soon and I'm pretty sure that I am going to buy a new fridge. Now, I have 1 corny keg but in the future, I would like 4 kegs hooked up, my wife also would ...
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Why my beer is 'choking' when leaving the faucet?

While I don't have a jockey box, I'm borrowed another one again. And I'm having trouble to get a good pour. There are bubbles in the system that never ends, it never happened before to me. Always ...
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Noob here... My second brew - am I brewing an ale or a lager, and did I stuff it up?

So I went to my local homebrew store to purchase a an "Aussie honey lager" extract kit but they were out of stock. The friendly man behind the counter helped me to re-create this kit by checking their ...
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Clean kegged, put back together wrong

I recently brewed my second batch of 2x 5 gallon beers. The first time, kegs were recently reconditioned and so I did a quick clean and filled them up. This time, being some time later, I went ahead ...
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Disconnecting a keg

I have a mobile bar business and wanted to add draught beers to our menu. I am a layman with regards to this but I understand how the basic system works using a CO2 (or 70/30 CO2 & Nitrogen) and ...
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Troubleshooting new keggerator equipment - sanke tap, gas manifold, etc

I've been using a converted chest freezer for nearly a year now for storing and dispensing from corny kegs and for lagering. Depending on whether I have kegs of homebrew, I may have a sanke keg of ...
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Gas line : does it need to be sterilized?

I'm reading websites and I'm viewing videos where people show how to wash kegs, but they never wash their gas line. I was wondering if it's necessary to do so? I'm asking this because I would like to ...
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How can I get beer out of a keg without CO2?

I've run out of gas; how can i get the beer out of the keg?
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How to use a Hambleton Bard s30 cylinder?

I've recently purchased a second hand (hence no instructions) pressure barrel keg that has an s30 adaptor that fits a Hambleton Bard cylinder (which I have also bought). How do I actually use this ...
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