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Making wine with fruits?

What differences should i expect when making wine with fresh mushed fruits and water instead of juice? I have only tried making wine with juice before. Will i need to filter it when racking?
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Foaming wine. Rebottle? Or back to Carboy?

My wine was fine. (This batch did stick and I added extra yeast) The last 2 bottles I opened foamed so much I lost 1/3 of bottle . I have 10 bottles left. What should I do? Cool them ? Go back to ...
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Any good Wild Fermentation for beer and cider sites, forums, recipes, and or books for beginners

I have a few fields with different fruits from grapes to dragon fruits, and I am an amateur homebrewer and want to get into wild Fermentation for ciders, fruit wines and later for beer after I learn ...
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Can I use sodium metabisulphite and potassium sorbate together before bottling?

I had fermented mango wine weeks back. After a week I did my first racking to remove pulp. The Brix value is not moving down so assuming fermentation is over, I'm planning to bottle it. Initially, ...
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Reduce excess wine sugar

I created 3 liters of pomegranate wine. I think I put excess sugar. Have taken the wine after 24 days. The wine came out pretty well, but its little sugary, is there a way to decrease the sugar ...
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Impact of different gravities for the same ABV

We can have the same ABV with diferents gravities. My reading for watermelon wine is: 1.064 0.997 =8.79% However I found some recipes with readings like this to the same type of wine. 1.090 1.023 =8....
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Drying Sloe Berry at home

I am trying to brew GIN at home with wild Sloe berries. How to dry sloe berries without losing it's useful fungal coating for sloe GIN?
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Have you made grapefruit wine and what were your results?

So I made a grapefruit wine recently, using Ocean Spray 100% grapefruit juice, mostly because I am lazy and it was a test batch of about a gallon and a half. The results were interesting. It is clear ...
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Welch's 100% Grape Juice with Calcium/ yeast

I am planning to make a wine using Welch's 100% Grape Juice with Calcium ! Is the calcium problem here !
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How long should I give pectic enzyme to takle hazy finished fruit wine?

I've got a gallon of really sweet, 16.5% kiwi wine. The fermentation has not been completely stopped but haze didn't settle with time or after I used fining agent. A quick test with methylated spirit ...
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Why have I got a low ABV wine problem

This was my first attempt. I followed a recipe for jam wine in CJJ Berry's book. Did exactly what he said. Temperature between 26°C-28°C on the heat strip. Used Lalvin K1-V1116. Start OG 1.090, final ...
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white molds to top of 3 days old pear wine bucket,

I see some white molds on top of my plastic wine fermenter bucket just in first 3 days old pear wine , my question is that if it is dangerous or not? if not then how can i get rid of those molds?
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Making wine from vine grapes

I bought a house that happens to have a grape vine producing lots of fruit. They are quite small (approx 12mm diameter) and not very sweet, but black in colour. I do not know the varietal. Can anyone ...
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Will supermarket fruits make a good wine?

I was wondering if using fruits from a supermarket would make a good wine or not. At the moment I have been buying frozen berry packs which work great but I am looking to branch out into more ...
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Accidentally added yeast before pectolase :/

I'm fairly new to homebrewing, and I'm currently making some mango wine. Now stupidly my pectolase and yeast are in very similar looking containers and I've just added my yeast (thinking it was ...
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Orange wine - do these recipes make sense?

I've been thinking of making orange wine. I have found a few recipes online, though I'm not sure if these recipes make sense. The first one: Two more: http:...
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