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1 answer

Is there any merit in doing gelatin fining multiple times?

I currently have a Belgian Blond in primary that I'm planning of transferring to a secondary vessel in order to dry hop. I usually do a gelatin fining when transferring my beer to the bottleing ...
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2 answers

Can I use gelatin in a soda keg?

I am thinking about clearing my beer with gelatin. Can I add the gelatin in the already finished and packaged beer in the keg?
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4 votes
4 answers

Isinglass use without Irish moss

How effective will isinglass be to clear beer when I did not use Irish moss when I boiled. I know isinglass charged particles attach to the opposite charged particles produced by the Irish moss. My ...
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Mead Post-Fermentation and Bottling

I currently have a batch of mead fermenting and I'm a bit confused about the bottling process for a still mead. I would like to know the steps/process for treating the mead before bottling. Should I ...
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3 answers

Filtering my batches (no dead fishes)

I have had a couple of cloudy batches recently, both tasted as intended, so no contamination. This has caused me to consider filtration, I have a 100l kit with a pump so could use plate filters or ...
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Do I really need to clarify cider?

I have 2 one gallon batches of cider that have been fermenting away nicely for a month. They are Motts 100% natural cider with no preservatives. I used Nottingham, hoping to get a little residual ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Is there any benefit (or detriment) to gelatin fining a beer twice?

I've got an IPA that just won't seem to clear. I've done the standard cold-crash/gelatin fine, but it's still a bit cloudy. Should I try for it again?
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2 votes
3 answers

Why is my wine cloudy now?

This bottle of Mint wine was super clear when bottled. I use Sparkolloid. Six months later it looks like a snow globe. This is happening to several of my batches but not all. Whats going on here ? ...
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1 vote
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Neglected to Cold Crash after fermentation

The Question Will cold crashing after a beer is bottled (and waited 2 weeks for the carbonation) give you the same clarity as doing it in the fermenter prior to bottling (assuming you pour your beer ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Does Protafloc expire?

I'm using Protafloc Copper Finings for clearing the brew from proteins by adding it to the boil 15 minutes before the end of it. The product's made from red seaweed (Eucheuma Cottonii): http://www....
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Isinglass and temperature

The wine kit that I am making uses isinglass for fining and recommends storing the wine at 70 degrees during the process. In the past I've used gelatin in my beers to clear and I know that it works ...
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4 votes
3 answers

Add finings to beer to be bottled?

I've got a chocolate stout fermenting at the moment, and I'd like to add finings to this once fermentation is complete. I haven't done this before, so wondering what the best method is? I'll be ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Detriment of gelatin fining on flavor or aroma

Does using gelatin effect aromatics or flavor appreciably? I was reading this post about using gelatin. I have one keg that I use as a cold conditioning vessel (sort of like secondary), and I was ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Can I add finings after fermentation has begun?

My first all-grain batch was, er, a bit hectic. I forgot to add my Whirlfloc tablet in the last ten minutes of the boil. I know I can use isinglass for fining at room temperature, but my brew ...
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Gelatin for clearer beer

Does gelatin work for clarifying beer? If so: How much do you use? When do you add it? How do you prepare it? (Do you boil it in water? How much water to dissolve the gelatin?)
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