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The anaerobic process by which yeast convert sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide.

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Distilled honey spirit needs an official name

I am relatively new to the world of personal home brewing. I have always gravitated towards mead and my next venture ought to be distilling some. I've read through lots of articles and threads on the ...
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Strands Like Hair in Fermenting Beer

I am brewing a schwarzbier using US-05 because I don't have a setup to brew a real lager. The OG was 1.047 and I have a current gravity reading of 1.012 after 5 days of decent fermentation at an ...
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Under fermentation

I recently tried fermenting pure apple juice. During the first prep, I didn't add enough suger to reach the magic number. I took enough juice out to use to dilute more suger to the must, but my yeast ...
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Cloudiness in cider

Hi this is my first batch of cider from pressed apples. 28 days in, and it’s cloudy, still tastes a bit sweet, 1.020 on hydrometer, put in some pectinase enzymes, and still a bit cloudy. What should ...
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Hard seltzer turns pink after a few weeks, why?

I've got a bit of an odd situation. I've been brewing some hard seltzers, simple recipe: 4LB Dextrose + Champagne Yeast + Water + Nutrient. However, I've got an odd issue. 2 of 3 hard seltzers have ...
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Champagne/Cider Remuage: Why not just place the bottle upside down (90 degrees)?

I'm making hard sparkling apple cider using the Champagne method (re-fermenting on the bottle for carbonation). This year I will try the full method of also removing the yeast lees from the bottle ...
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Ginger bug causing a gelatinous soda

I have been making ginger soda. But after fermenting, the soda was very viscous and slimy in some of the batches. It usually turns out fine but this happened multiple times inconsistently with ...
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Adding sugar for secondary fermentation?

My first go at wine making. My Red wine Og was 1.06 and primary fermentation final OG is 1.00. should i add more sugar for secondary fermentation?
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ABV question in 5 gallon melomel batch

I started a melomel batch two weeks ago. Below are a list of batch details: 5 gallon batch frozen blueberries (roughly 4-5lbs per gallon) 18.5 lbs of honey (raw, unpasteurized honey from my fathers ...
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Weird growth 24h after adding sugar for carbonation, is this normal?

I've finished coldcrashing this cream ale I've been brewing, I took some samples and they tasted great, so I've moved it to an airtight container and added sugar for carbonation. I checked it the next ...
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Low TR first mash

I am first time distiller, my first mash is seven days in. The mash started out foamy and bubbling now today the foam is gone and no more bubbling. I checked TR but it’s ready 0, I am wondering what ...
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