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Does elevation have an effect on the taste of beer?

I live at an elevation of about 300 feet, and that's where I brew my beer. Recently, I took some home brew to my parents' house to share with them. When tasting the beer there, the mouth feel seemed ...
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Brew closet - concerns?

Having recently purchased my new home, and quite happy to be done with apartment living, my mind naturally wanders to wanting to start up some home brew now that I have the space. I have what I think ...
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Environment-friendly sanitizers

As the title suggests, I was wondering if there was list of environment-friendly sanitizers (such as Star San, as they declare) for brewing equipment out there. In particular, I was looking for a ...
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Bubble, Bubble, Toil = Trouble? Brewing's Carbon Footprint

There's a lot of talk these days about individual carbon footprints, CO2 in the air, and global warming. Knowing that our little friends the yeasts exist basically to turn sugars into CO2 and alcohol,...
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Is there any danger in fermenting outside?

Not having any cooling mechanism for my fermenter(s), this time of year I can get more favorable temperatures outside than inside. I'm specifically talking about ciders in glass containers, but I'm ...
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What to Do with Six Pack Boxes

I collected a lot of six pack boxes to put bottles of homebrew in. Now, I've got a better container. Since I can't recycle six pack boxes, is there anything I could do with them other than throw ...