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Yeast that has been dehydrated. Commercially produced dry yeast has a longer shelf life than liquid yeast (1-2 years vs 4 months) although it is not available in as many strains. One 11gram sachet of ale yeast, or 2 sachets of lager yeast is sufficient for a 5-6 gallon batch.

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4 answers

Should you rehydrate dry yeast?

I've read conflicting opinions on whether or not to re-hydrate dried yeast. I've had successful fermentation with dried yeast in the past but have not tried re-hydrating. Has anyone had better/worse ...
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Proof dry yeast, or just pitch it?

In the past, I've used Wyeast smack packs, where the instructions tell you to make sure that the pack is viable before opening so that you can get refunded for a dud. I'm a baker, and I use dry yeast ...
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Lallemand says their dry yeast does not require aerated wort. Should I aerate anyway?

The specs for Lallemand BRY-97 dry yeast explain that aeration of the wort is not necessary. I've had good results following their instructions precisely, but I wonder if I'm missing out. I wonder if ...
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Higher temperature during first two days after pitching yeast

I am brewing for the first time. It is a Chinook IPA. The yeast that came with the kit is Safale US-05. I brewed and pitched it on July 4th in the afternoon. The primary fermentation time is 2 weeks ...
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When should I hydrate my dry yeast?

I'm brewing beer tonight (in roughly three hours) and I've decided to try rehydrating my dry yeast instead of throwing it directly into the cooled wort. If I boil a couple cups of water, how long does ...
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2 answers

Yeast packaging formats by example

When it comes to yeast I often see three different descriptors used: active vs. dormant needs to be rehydrated vs. doesn't dry vs liquid/wet As a newbie, my immediate inclination is to associate dry ...
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How to substitute liquid yeast in recipe

I'm starting out on homebrew beers, made some all-grain recipes already and I want to try some new recipes, but, where I live is very difficult to find liquid yeast, and almost all recipes (mainly on ...
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Should I let hydrated dry yeast cool before pitching

The Gospel of John states that dry yeast should be hydrated at a temperature warmer than what you would typically start fermentation. But John also states that yeast should be pitched from cold to ...
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Rehydrated US-50 at 40 C

I re-hydrated my US-05 at 40C ( 105F ) going by this video However afterwards I read the on the Fermentis site that it should have been at 27C (+/-3). ...
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