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How to calculate amount of water to add to lower OG to target

I have been using less water than needed in my partial mash recipes. For a target of 8 gal into 2 (5 gal) fermenters, I have been using 3 (+1 gal sparge) in the mash step and 2 gal for boiling ...
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How to fix too much water in wine?

I am making wine per this recipe I quadrupled the quantities to give me 18L. At the point where I am supposed ...
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Proper target for dilution

I made a recipe that was supposed to have OG 1.062, FG 1.012 (ABV ~6.5%). I forgot to note the target volume in the recipe (just the pre-boil volume), and wound up with a wort with OG 1.077. I chose ...
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Calculating alcohol percentage after diluting with a sugar syrup

I am making Limoncello, I have added 8 lemon zests to 1 liter of 96% alcohol and put everything in a big glass container. After 1 month I started making the real liqueur by diluting the alcohol down ...
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