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Can I degas to increase pH in a stuck fermentation?

I have an oak leaf and burdock wine that has gotten stuck at a SG of 1.024. The pH reads 2.76, so I suspect that the high acidity has caused it to get stuck. I understand that dissolved CO2 can cause ...
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4 answers

Is degassing wine really necessary?

Last year (2016) I made a small batch of wine from my own grapes. I started out mostly ignorant of most things regarding wine making (I had already been homebrewing AG since 2015), and what I read ...
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Degassing and it's effects on yeast

I'm wondering if degassing and removing the suspended CO2 (a part of, and a percentage of the wine) changes the totals for ABV% as it applies to yeast tolerance. It seems that by degassing you would ...
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Wine and yeast "clean up"

I have now decided to try my hand at some wine making as SHMBO decided she would also like to enjoy the fruits (haha) of my hobby. In the instructions for the kit I received (White Riesling) I was ...
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When using a drill whip to degas, how do I ensure I will not aerate the wine/mead?

Some my wine/meads have been a bit bubbly after bottling. I'm thinking the problem is I have not be degassing. If I use a drill whip, how do I ensure I will not bruise or aerate the brew?
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Degassing wine - how to proceed

Long time brewer, first time vintner here. Working through a winexpert Pinot Grigio kit. Primary and secondary fermentation went off without a hitch. Got to the stabilizing, degassing, and ...
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why do you degas wine but not beer?

After reading this post, I was wondering why have I heard of people degassing wine, but never beer? Does one also need to degas mead?
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How can I tell when wine has finished degassing?

I bottled my first home made wine last week. It's an apple wine that didn't turn out so well. The good news is that I think I know most of the reasons it isn't very good and I'm going to try again ...
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