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Strong beer at 3%?

The O.G. was 13 Brix (1.053), and the F.G. was 8 Brix (1.031). According to the calculation, the beer is only approximately 3% ABV. But I tried a glass and it's gotta be closer to 5.5%. 20% of the ...
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Need some carification on my ingredient choices and hop boil timing

Want to make a simple high gravity single hop ipa. Will this recipe work? 10 pounds DME Amber 1 pound Crystal 40l steeped 45 mins 1 oz Citra hops start 60 mins 1 oz Citra hops 45 mins 1 oz Citra ...
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Differences in Crystal Malt darkness

What are the effects of changing the darkness of Crystal Malt? I'm an extract brewer, and many of the recipes I've tried call for steeping some crystal malt, but I'm not always able to find the °L ...
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Crystal Malt - How does it influence head retention?

Crystal malt is said to positively influence head retention / foam stability in the final beer. Why is that?
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Caramel/Crystal malts and Steeping

Does any grain/malt that's name begins with "Caramel" or "Crystal" mean it is able to be steeped to extract the aroma, color and flavor? I am referring to grain/malts like Carapils, Caramunich, ...
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