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1 answer

When is it necessary to pitch fresh yeast for bottle conditioning?

I've read that you can leave an ale to secondary for months and enough yeast will remain in suspension that you won't need to pitch additional yeast when bottling. But are there times when you do ...
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3 answers

Ice the wort for fast cooling

I have seen mostly two suggestions to cool wort. Ice bath and the coil method. My friend and I were thinking about just using ice. Ie pull the ice from the fridge that uses the same water source as ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Dry Hopping and Crash Cooling

Should I crash my beer first and then dry hop, or should I dry hop for a week and then crash cool? My thoughts, I should crash cool and then dry hop. Reasons: Less likely to loose aromas at ...
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handling shrinkage from crash cooling

I just crashed 5 gallons of German Pilsner for lagering and I noticed that my airlock starsan level was significantly lower after cooling. I presume this is due to the liquid (beer) shrinking after a ...
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2 answers

Is there any danger in fermenting outside?

Not having any cooling mechanism for my fermenter(s), this time of year I can get more favorable temperatures outside than inside. I'm specifically talking about ciders in glass containers, but I'm ...
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Accidentally frosted my hybrid Oktoberfest

Following the suggestion of my LBS, I made an Oktoberfest using a hybrid yeast (Wyeast 2565) because I didn't have a lagering fridge set up yet--bought myself at least 2 weeks before needing to crash ...
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