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How much is this equipment worth?

Being offered the following list of items for sale: Two 5-gallon glass carboys Thirty "Grolsh" (unsure of this term) bottles Bottle brush Funnel Bottle capping tool Bottling bucket w/ spicket ...
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10 answers

Economics behind homebrewing?

What are the economics behind home brewing? I mean compared to buying "X" commercial brand beer and setting aside the "hobby" added value that this may have? Please help! Regards! F.
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7 votes
3 answers

Can I sell my Homebrew in the UK

I often produce an excess of homebrew. Would it be legal to sell it in the UK, I would only be selling a maximum of 50 pints / year and my charge would really only cover the cost of the bottle. ...
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How to maximize the maple syrup flavor and minimize the cost?

Is it possible to add less maple syrup later in the boil or even after the boil and get a comparable flavor to adding more earlier in the boil? It seems like we should be able to essentially "dry hop"...
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How do I cut my extract brewing cost?

I'm trying to reduce my cost-per-beer, without investing in an all-grain setup. I know I'm pretty limited with what I can tweak (can't get around needing sugar, yeast, and hops), but here in Montana ...
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