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Dimple in cork persisting after corking

I bottled my wine bottles with a Portuguese floor corker, but the dimple is still in the agglomerated cork after a year. I was told to: Wait three weeks with the bottle upright. Store a year with the ...
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Packaging for competitions

Quick question regarding packaging for competitions... Usually samples should be submitted in 12oz bottles with caps... is it the case for Belgium styles? Some beers have to be conditioned in ...
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Where to buy corks without grapes on them?

I'm planning to bottle my first mead and went looking for corks online, but all the suppliers I'm used to only have corks with grapes on them. Minor cosmetic consideration, I realize, but is there ...
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How to safely remove mold from corks?

I have a mead that has been sitting bottled in a cool underground closet for about a year, and the corks appear to have some mold growing on the outside. Apparently the closet is a bit more moist ...
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Is it possible to cork screw-top wine bottles?

Do normal corks and normal corkers work with them? Is there a greater risk of breaking the neck of the bottle during corking?
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How can I bottle using corks?

After downing a bottle of Saison Dupont last night and wishing to re-use the bottle, I wondered if any home brewers have "capped" their brews using corks? The bottle looks like it might be re-usable ...
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What about corking beer?

I'd like to start corking some of my more delicate brews. Is there a reason to switch to corking? Certain styles? And, is it difficult/recommended for a small setup? Thanks.
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