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Home made copper chiller oxidation

I am in the process of building a fermentation temperature controller (in the same spirit as the grainfather glycol chiller), the process is mostly done and I am testing the system with water. The ...
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Safe but effective cleaning solvent for copper

I'm looking for a better solution for cleaning. Some of my equipment is home from copper which limits agents I can use. Currently my strategy is using barkeepers friend on all external surfaces such ...
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Idea for cooling fermentation with copper pipe

I had an idea for cycling chilled water through something like a small copper wort chiller during fermentation to keep the temperature down. I have no problem setting up the peltier, pump, and ...
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Does Protafloc expire?

I'm using Protafloc Copper Finings for clearing the brew from proteins by adding it to the boil 15 minutes before the end of it. The product's made from red seaweed (Eucheuma Cottonii): http://www....
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Is my copper wort chiller still good?

I haven't had the chance to brew in about two years and I've been storing my copper wort chiller in a storage locker for most of that time. Upon moving and retrieving it yesterday, it's got some ...
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cleaning copper

Copper is great for all sorts of things, manifolds for your cooler based mashing tun, as well as that wort chiller you can't live without. However, copper gets really dirty, really quickly, and I don'...
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Cleaning up the sweat & flux

What is a effective way to clean the inside of copper fittings after sweating them together? [Edit: eye candy] See here for eye-candy.
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Copper versus Stainless for Jockey Box

Not having room or budget for a kegerator at the moment, I am considering building a jockey box for kegging homebrew. There are a lot of plans on the internet for building your own, including ...
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