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Beer is lacking in flavor

I have just started to drink a batch of coopers Dark ale it has been bottled for two weeks now. the carbonation looks ok a nice hiss when the bottle is opend. lots of bubbles in the glass and and lots ...
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Coopers Hefe Wheat yeast failed.. Can I pitch safale-05?

I'm pretty new to homebrewing and just tried coopers Hefe Wheat kit. I've followed the instructions and pitched the yeast into my carboy when the right temperature was reached. It's been 4 days and ...
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Handling dried yeast

I'm brewing a coopers ginger beer kit but over the past week the yeast didn't seem to activate particularly well. There has been no krausen and over the past couple of days there have been a few ...
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Am I fermenting homebrew kit at too low a temperature

Total newbie here so sorry for the very basic question. I started doing a the Coopers Lager kit last night (using the standard Coopers Homebrew start kit set up). It said in the instructions to add ...
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Coopers australian stout - Replacing white sugar, no spraymalt or brewing sugar

I have the white coopers australian stout 23L kit which recommends the additional 1kg sugar you can add but I know its not recommended. I know most people add 1kg spraymalt but I do not have it right ...
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Can anyone recommend a starters kit, available in the UK?

I have inherited a garage after a recent move, and as I also have off street parking, it seems only right and natural that I start to indulge my desire to start homebrewing. My intention is to be ...
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