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Is there anywhere in Aus/NZ that sells MiniBrew HDPE?

Pretty much, the title. I've done a few searches and turn up the Malt Mechanics products, but no MiniBrew. If you have Minibrew equipment and you live in Aus/NZ, where do you get your parts from?
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Suckback and sampling from conical fermenters

How do people with conical (or other sealed) fermenters avoid sucking liquid from the airlock into the vessel when they take samples or remove trub through the bottom valve? Do they just remove a ...
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Is the air glug in a conical not causing oxidation?

This is likely a silly question to a lot of you but I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons, no matter how minor, of a conical before I make the jump. I'm maybe too paranoid about oxidation, but one of ...
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Pros and cons of a conical fermentor

What are the pros and cons of a conical fermentor compared to buckets or carboys?
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make a new sanitary connection in stainless conical

I'm dropping my 5 year old plastic buckets and moving fermentation over to a stainless conical. One thing I'll miss is being able to visually monitor the brew as it progresses. How can I mount a web ...
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When to remove trub/yeast cake from a conical fermenter

So if/when I eventually switch to using a conical fermenter, I assume I wouldn't want to dump the entire trub/yeast cake at the bottom during fermentation. Do you typically wait until your "primary ...
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Why would I want a conical fermenter?

I've seen conical fermenters in catalogs and on the web, but I've never heard why they are better than fermenting in a glass carboy. Why would I want to use a conical instead of a carboy?
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Low Cost Conical Fermenter

I was looking around for some low-cost alternatives to conical fermenters, and I came across inductor tanks. Has anyone used or heard of someone using these tanks? Is there any danger/downside to ...
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Conical fermenter: worth it?

I am considering purchasing a conical fermenter but I'm not sure if it would be worth the cost. I feel like it would allow me to make better beer with less effort, but it would be nice to hear from ...
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