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What style of beer is Carling Black Label

It’s obviously a Lager, but that only describes the yeast. In what style of beer is Carling Black Label made. I drink just about only craft beer, but if I pushed for what I think is a great commercial ...
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what is the best way to acquire hops for exporting

Here recently me and my have been discussing going into selling hops over seas where there is a demand for them. That being said would it be better to buy land and grow,or buy from local farmers? we ...
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What is the best way to stop fermentation?

I am thinking about brewing ginger beer for a bar I work at. This means it would be in a keg on a tap. I would like to ferment the ginger beer instead of pumping in CO2 but am unsure how to go about ...
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Why I can't recap commercial bottles?

I tried to use a commercial beer bottle that looks exactly the same as my homebrew bottles, picture related: But when I tried to cap with a Red Baron capper, this only pops... The opening of the ...
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What is the benefit to filtering beer?

I'm not a home-brewer, but this seems like a good place to ask the question. why are many commercial beers filtered? I prefer unfiltered beer and I am just curious to know why they filter it in the ...
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Commercial brewery house yeast

I know a lot of breweries have a house yeast that they use, and in some cases it's their only yeast. I've also heard that most will only harvest up to six generations, due to weak flocculation and ...
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Planning a trip, which breweries should I go to?

Sorry if this is considered off-topic, but I'm planning a trip from Philly to Outer Banx in NC next week. I'm starting to look at my route now, and was curious if any of you out there had any brewery ...
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Do commercial breweries stir in their fermenters to expose more yeast to the wort?

I noticed that ale yeasts, so called top-fermenting yeast, floats to the top. Does this mean that the yeast only works on the wort near the top of the fermenter? Assuming that no oxygen or bacteria ...
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Which commercial bottles are good for repurposing?

I bottle condition my beer, and in the past, I've always just reused commercial beer bottles (I never understood paying for empty beer bottles when I could buy them full of tasty beer!) Are there are ...
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Ohio Laws on starting my brewery

I want to start a small brewey in my town in Ohio. Nothing huge to start. Does anyone have any advise for me as to equipment that I have to have or can I just use homebrewing equipment to start? ...
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