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Questions tagged [closed-transfer]

For questions about closed transfer systems and methods. That is, transferring wort between vessels while actively limiting the intake of oxygen to the system.

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1 answer

Barb adapter with EVA Barrier Hose

I recently purchased EVA Barrier Beer Line and DuoTight disconnects. But the problem arises when I am trying to do the closed transfer from my fermenter as it's tap is not compatible with the EVA ...
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1 answer

1/4 MFL to 1/4 MFL does not fit 1/4 FFL to barb. Why?

For my co2 closed transfer setup, I was expecting to be able to screw those 2 items together (male to female):
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3 answers

How badly did I oxidize my beer?

I think I oxidized my whole keg. I was attempting a closed transfer but the beer stopped going into the keg so I decided to change the tube but totally forgot about the air in the tube. So when I ...
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