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Questions tagged [chloramines]

Chloramines present in the water can combine with malt phenols in the wort to create a compound called chlorophenol.

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How do you let water sit until the chlorine vapours off without any contamination?

So, apparently if you let tap water sit for a few days the chlorine will evaporate off but how can one safely expose the water to the the air without risk of contamination from airborne particles?
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Do darker ales suffer less with choloramines/chlorophenols?

I have done many many brews with untreated local tap water, and I have only 3 times had an issue with chlorophenols. I now treat the tap water with 1 campden tablet/100l/20gl. But, revieing my records ...
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Recommended dose of Campden Tablets to remove chloramine

I'm trying to determine the proper dosage of Campden Tablets to remove chloramine from water. I keep seeing 1 tablet per 20 gallons posted all over brewing forums, but I never see a source for this ...
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Do Some Carbon Filters Remove Chloramines, While Others Don't?

I thought that carbon filtration removed both chlorine and chloramines from water. However, the seller of a reverse osmosis system on Amazon answered a question with this: This system can remove up ...
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