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Brewing with chili pepper

I would like to have a hot peppered ale from extract batch. I won't be able to make an all grain, what style do you recommend? How should I add the peppers, in secondary or primary, or into the bottle?...
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Can enough capsaicin adversely effect yeast?

This is related to a previous question I asked when I wasn't as clinically insane as I am now. Allow me to explain: A couple of months ago, I came upon Stone brewery's Crime and Punishment beers ...
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Adding chili peppers to beer - when?

I'm making a chili beer tonight. Is there any sort of extraction that needs to happen, or is just adding the chili (I'm gonna puree it) enough? I'm thinking of adding a habanero (or a half of one) ...
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Using math to hit exact spice level

This is a question that will combine your knowledge of food, chemistry, and beer. Spiciness is measured in Scoville Units. Basically: In Scoville's method, an alcohol extract of the capsaicin ...
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Chile Pepper Ale

I've brewed a simple base ale recipe. It's fermenting happily. I want to add Chile Peppers to the beer to make a spiced ale. I'm not looking for something with a lot of heat, but I do want some ...
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