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The process of creating a fermented beverage from base ingredients and water. Generally used to refer to process of producing malt based alcoholic beverages but also can be used to refer to the making of Tea or Coffee. In the Home brewing sense, covers the creation of all alcoholic/fermented beverages(beer, ale, mead, wine, cider, kombucha, etc...).

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What are the benefits of using brewing sugar over types of sugar?

In many kits I've used, the instructions recommend using brewing sugar. Of course it's okay to use other sources of sugar, but I was wondering whether there are any benefits of using brewing sugar ...
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12 answers

What is the best book for beginning home brewers?

What is the best book for beginning home brewers? ** Please post 1 book per post, then the resulting votes will show what most people consider to be the best book.
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Can you use only malted wheat to brew?

Granted, it officially would not be beer (dunno what it would be called), but as a cereal grain that is maltable and grindable, it seems that it should also be pretty brewable. I'd be interested in ...
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3 answers

Can't get my Electric Kettle to boil?

I assembled an electric kettle with a 5500W CAMCO heating element. The element heats water significantly faster than my gas burner ever did but peaks out at 205-210 degrees. I can take 5 gallons ...
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Is there a meta version of this site?

On other stack exchange forums, there are meta forums to hash out goals, methods and moderator guidelines. Does HBSE have the same?
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